Kahana Stunt School Instructors

(NOTE: Instructors vary with time of year and sessions)

    Kim Kahana Sr. (USA) Senior Instructor
The legendary stunt man was personally trained by Yakima Canutt and has been in over 300 films with television credits to numerous to count. A former member of Stuntmen’s Association with an additional 8 years on the Screen Actors Guild's Safety Investigative Team Kim Kahana found himself with an amazing career as stunt double for one of the biggest movie stars of all time Charles Bronson.  Movie credits go far beyond stunts as director, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator, and as actor with work in some of the greatest pieces ever in film history including The Dirty Dozen, Magnificent 7, The Mechanic, Death Wish, Smoky and the Bandit, Good Guys Wear Black, and the Killer Elite. Train with the legend!

    Tony Kahana (CA)
1985 Academy Award for Best Stunt in the movie Uncommon Valor.  Do we need to say more?

    Rick Kahana (CA)
Airheads, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Sidekicks, Top Dog, and many many more. We would have to make a separate webpage to list this stuntman’s credits.

    Debbie Kahana (WI)
Having grown up with 3 brothers who are stuntmen and being the only daughter of one of the most famous stuntmen ever it probably comes with no surprise that she is a 6th degree black in karate and has instructed for over 25 years. This female stunt woman has doubled for numerous famous actresses and for kids and teaches in the Midwest.

    Kim Kahana Jr. (CA)
Can you say blockbuster? Spiderman, Master and Commander, Titanic, XXX . . .

Joshua Zolin Kahana (CA)
The next generation!

    Sandy Kahana
Administrator for Stunt Action Coorinators Inc. and Kahana Stunt School Foundation and Stunt Museum

    James Sang Lee (USA)   |   Jame's Movie Reel
Back to back ISKA World Champion, 5 trips to ESPN Finals, 6-time World Tour Event Winner, Director of Operations, key Fight Choreographer, and Weapons Specialist for Kahana Stunt Team.  Film credits include blockbusters Lethal Weapon 4 and Blade.  Be hands on with this Hand to Hand Combat Expert!

    Joshua Baumann (FL)

    Daniel Gajecki (Sweden)

    Vilhjamur Gunnarson (Iceland)

    Travis Herndon (FL)

    Raymond Hilstad (Norway)

    Valdmar Johannsson (Iceland)

    Matt Jones (United Kingdom)

    Mike Katen (FL)

    Billy Lindsey (NE)

    Shinichi Yoshida (Japan)

Corine Appeldorn (Holland)
Doug Carley (CA)
Jay Carrado (NY)
Krystal Dorsey (VA)
Brian Duffy (CA)
Vilhjamur Gunnarson (Iceland)
Red Horton (China)
Doo Hong Jung (Korea)
Chris Kubek (AZ)
Joanne Lambstein (NY)
Irene Lamother (CA)
Jasi Lanier (CA)
Billy Lucas (CA)
Tommy McTague (FL)
Lewis Nirk (Germany)
Danny Paquin (FL)
Thomas Place (NJ)
Rocco Russo (Rome)
Heidi G Schnauppauf (CA)
Jimmy Steehan (CA)
Amie Thompson (ME)
Tadashi Yamashita (CA)


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